By Ada Kohli
Published Jun 08, 2023

Hindustan Times

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Air Pollution

Use recyclable products

Use recyclable products like glass or metal bottles, reusable jars, cloth or paper carry bags, etc as single-use products cause immense harm to the environment and fill landfills fasters

Turn off your engine on red lights

Be mindful while driving and turn off the engine of your vehicle on red lights to reduce air pollution

Keep air-purifying plants

Grow and maintain a home garden or keep air-purifying plants in your rooms. They help remove pollutants from the air and are good for purifying indoor air

Take public transport

Opt for public transport whenever possible and walk short distances to reduce vehicular emissions that cause air pollution

Turn off the lights when not in use

Make a conscious effort to switch off the lights and other electrical appliances when not in use. Electricity is generated from fossil fuels which contribute to air pollution