By Mehak Pal
Published Oct 26, 2023

Hindustan Times

5 ways to protect your hair from air pollution

Pollution can damage your tresses and lead to hair and scalp problems. It is crucial to protect your hair from the toxic compounds in the air.

Here are a few tips to protect your hair from air pollution.

Cover your hair

Cover your hair with a scarf or wear a hat to keep your hair safe from coming in contact with air pollutants and dust.

 Wash your hair daily

Wash your hair daily to keep your scalp free from itchiness and dandruff caused by pollutants. You can wash your hair with a mild sulphate-free shampoo.

Minimise the use of heat-styling tools

Try to minimise the use of heat styling tools to avoid hair damage. Pollution makes your hair prone to damage, brittleness, and split ends.

Oil and condition your hair

Regular oiling and deep conditioning is a must for healthy hair as it can help retain the lost moisture.

Use quality hair products

Make sure to use customised hair products that help tackle your hair problems. Use shampoos and conditioners that do not strip off natural oils from your scalp.