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'Cyber-stuck', shouts Reddit after Tesla's Cybertruck struggles to cross a river

May 29, 2024 01:37 AM IST

Tesla's Cybertruck became “Cyberstuck” as a viral video did round on the Internet, showing the rugged EV failing at pulling itself out a river.

Althought the Tesla Cybertruck is advertently “built for any adventure,” it unfortuantely couldn't traverse a particular course of escapade. The unsuccessful sight of the electric vehicle's several attempts at escaping the unprecedented challenge took all over Reddit on Tuesday, May 28, and left the paltform's users roaring with meme-worthy reactions and catchphrases for the epic fail.

Viral video of Tesla Cybertruck stuck in a river incites heaps of meme-worthy reactions on Reddit.
Viral video of Tesla Cybertruck stuck in a river incites heaps of meme-worthy reactions on Reddit.

Originally posted on YouTube and TikTok, the trending video inciting hilarious responses shows a Cybertruck repeatedly striving to cross a river, but failing miserably. The clip captures the stuck Tesla supertruck attempting to propel forward and move out of a stream of water.

However, the EV truck still fails to achieve its agenda. The driver ultimately puts the truck in reverse, but to no avail. The vehicle follows the same back and forth regime, but each time the “truck of the future” succumbbed to its present catastrophic setback.

The video game-esque fantasy may have manifested into a pricey reality with the Tesla truck, but this time reality beat the hubbub around the high-in-demand vehicle that is supposedly “built for any planet” according to its official website. Despite being “durable and rugged enough to go anywhere, the dream EV bowed down to nature's wildside, whipping up raging, chucklesome reactions that tranformed the Cybertruck into being “Cyberstuck.”

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Reactions to the viral video of Tesla Cybertruck stuck in a river

Reddit users quipped at how the driver stuck in this dilemma was posibbly “still there” while simultaneously playing around with the truck's concept and laughing at what “the future is here” tagline entailed.

As more sarcastic comments followed, someone wrote, "Inside all of us is an inner child, a subconscious id, two wolves and a cyber truck stuck in a river. Quite a few users also harked back to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's 2022 tweet that painted a robust image of the Cybertruck.

Musk's 202 tweet reads, “Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes & even seas that aren’t too choppy.” And so, some indulging in the conversation on the online forum took shots at Musk cleverly phrasing his statement, using the words “waterproof enough.”

The “out of Cyberluck” truck met with several pun-intended candidates through the up-voted conversation. Some others even dug into the “unreliability” of the vehicle, given its unfamiliar and unusually unheard of conceptual reality. A netizen weighed in how the “Cybertruck is not designed to go offroad” despite it being advertised to do so originally. The user ultimately concluded, “Cybertruck is a showpiece that you park in your driveway as a trophy.” 

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According to CarAndDrive.com, the buzz-worthy 2024 Tesla Cybertruck starts at $81,895 and goes up to $101,985 depending on the options. Clearly, people could fathom the stark difference between what it was advertised to do and what it finally was designed to achieve.

In a January 2024 Forbes article, Scotty Reiss divulged an in-depth review of the EV. After engaging in a first-hand, driver-seat experience with the truck, here's what Reiss wrote in one of the concluding paragraphs, which eerily aligns with the discussion summarised above: “There’s been a lot of hubbub around drivers taking it off-road, attempting to tow and getting stuck. But I’m not sure I’d take this too far off the pavement. It’s wide and it’s long and does not seem as agile as other four-wheelers, even with rear wheel steering.”

Despite a detailed “off-road guide," the Cybertruck evidently failed this driver on their adventure, but instantly turned them into an internet sensation. It was a necessary evil to a bittersweet launch after all. 

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