Kate Middleton and William's romantic balcony exchange reveals relationship truth: Expert claims - Hindustan Times

Kate Middleton and William's romantic balcony exchange reveals relationship truth: Expert claims

ByAditi Srivastava
Jun 16, 2024 12:44 PM IST

Body language expert analyzes William and Kate's touching moment on palace balcony

All eyes were on Kate Middleton and Prince William during a recent public appearance at Trooping the Colour, dedicated to the monarch's birthday. Even the King seemed to show more preference towards Kate, sending a strong message about how proud the royal family is to have her. Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales also shared a seemingly romantic moment on the palace balcony, sparking a flurry of speculation about the state of their relationship. Now, a body language expert is weighing in, claiming this balcony exchange reveals a deeper truth about their bond.

Kate Middleton surprises all with her presence at the event, showing a 'masterclass' in royal behaviour
Kate Middleton surprises all with her presence at the event, showing a 'masterclass' in royal behaviour

Kate and William’s ‘relationship truth’

The Princess effortlessly flaunted an old Jenny Packham white dress with black detailing and looked extremely graceful as she waved to the crowd from her carriage accompanied by her children. Despite undergoing preventative chemotherapy after her cancer diagnosis, she appeared well-rested during the event. Earlier, she temporarily halted her royal duties for treatment, residing with her family in Windsor while William juggled between his duties and spending time with them.

Communication specialist Judi James weighed in on the bond shared between William and Kate during the balcony moment, stating, 'The most touching mutual reward signal came from William and Kate when their eyes finally met.”

“William's eye-crinkling and the puckered muscles around his lips showed his inner pride and possible relief to have his beautiful wife standing beside him again, while Kate, who had relaxed visibly by this stage, pinged back a wide, dimpled and very loving smile,” the body language expert told Daily Mail.

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Princess of Wales showed a 'masterclass' in royalty

Even though she didn't make it to the last rehearsal for Trooping the Colour and initial indications were that she wouldn't be seen in public for the rest of the year, Kate Middleton managed to catch everyone off guard. The Princess issued a declaration of her wish to be present at the event. She also offered a candid update on her health, acknowledging "good progress" in her treatment but also the reality of "good days and bad days." Kate emphasised, “I am not out of the woods yet.”

Now, Ms James says, the Princess showed a 'masterclass' in royalty. “Kate's body language during this first-step return was a masterclass in what being a royal is all about. She already had the template from the late Queen and it included stoicism and calm with not one drop of self-pity or drama.”

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Kate and King’s ‘close bond’

It wasn't just Kate’s romantic relationship with William that caught attention, but also her strong bond with father-in-law King Charles, which didn't go unnoticed. King Charles exuded pride and trust as he stood on the balcony with Kate on one side and Queen Camilla on the other. The King and Kate were seen exchanging quiet words in secret, followed by a shared moment of laughter, proving they share a very good and respectable tie, one that the public never saw with Meghan.

While speaking to The Mirror earlier, Ms James said, "Kate was treated by Charles as both a status equal and a cherished relation. Placed directly next to him in the line-up, it was Kate who was given the majority of the King’s attention.”

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