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Tekken 8: Swamped with Waffle House fight stage requests, director Katsuhiro Harada responds

Mar 30, 2024 10:44 PM IST

‘Waffle House dream is not dead,’ as Tekken 8 fans coerce the game director to hear their demands of having a stage inspired by the restaurant chain.

On March 30, Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada finally gave the fans a platform to address their incessant requests for a game stage based on Waffle House. This popular fan-favourite pipe dream has been brewing online for quite some time. However, the Japanese game director was bewildered by these pleas that kept pouring in without end.

A still from the Tekken 8 Launch Trailer.(Bandai Namco Entertainment America )
A still from the Tekken 8 Launch Trailer.(Bandai Namco Entertainment America )

“Ok, I will only ask once about this request. Why do some communities send me requests for ‘Waffle House’?” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter), responding to a fan's comment under his previous post. “My Harada, can you please add this stage to Tekken 8 please,” requested the fan. To which, he decided to settle the case once and for all.

Looking for a consolidated explanation “from someone who knows more,” he asked the fans to demystify the inspiration behind their appeals. “Please be sure to explain the basis for the request, including the original story, history and background.” He hoped for the internet to come to his rescue and elucidate why a Tekken Waffle House stage was needed.

A priceless, uproarious trail of answers followed, which, though it represented chaos at its best, didn't mince words.

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Why fans want the Tekken 8 Waffle House stage

Tekken is one of the longest-running videogame storylines. Its vividly aggressive gameplay pushes its diverse cast of characters into combat, with numerous stages set across the world.

The internet is flooded with an endless stream of real Waffle House brawl videos going viral. The perpetually established infamous reputation of the restaurant is credited to the notorious collaboration of alcohol with the eatery's 24/7 opening hours. Reports show employees claiming to have wiped blood off restaurant premises on countless occasions.

Tekken fans are no strangers to the violent drama, which they think would be a fitting jump point for the high-octane game series.

An army of fans flocked in to explain the visual spectacle that could be. “In the US a lot of drunk people go to Waffle House after a night of drinking and often get into fights. It's a great setting for a Tekken stage, honestly,” wrote someone on X.

Even internet personality and cartoonist George Alexopoulos jumped in: “This is where many fist fights in America take place. It will make many people angry, because its true, which will only sell more copies. If the fight starts inside, then we smash through the windows into the parking lot, it will be your most famous stage. I guarantee it.”

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Another fan was willing to escort Harada to a practical display of why this setting was so high in demand. They wrote, “I invite you to come to the US I will personally take you to a Waffle House at 3 am, after that you make your decision.”

Once he got the picture, Harada wrote back and thanked the fans for drawing the comprehensive imagery of what made a Waffle House. Though he respected the fans' petitions, he reminded them, “The restaurant has both the trademark and the right… so, if the restaurant chain's headquarters refuse to accept my proposal, it will not happen.”

What after that? Well, fans made the most of the crumbs they received through this wholesome online interaction. They started appealing to Waffle House's interest, spotlighting the “golden opportunity” they were sitting on. Now we await Waffle House's word to find out if the chain will grab the pie in the sky or if the fans will be left off to zone out in their fantastical reverie.

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