Woman dies after eating chocolate given by palm reader who predicted her death

ByAdarsh Kumar Gupta
Oct 03, 2023 01:40 AM IST

The old palm reader predicted that Pinto only had a few days to live. The woman gave Pinto a chocolate as a gift.

In a bizarre case from Brazil, a woman named Fernanda Valoz Pinto died after consuming chocolate given by a palm reader who had predicted that she would die soon. The mysterious death of Pinto happened in August, this year.

Fernanda Valoz Pinto(X(Formerly Twitter)/@raniellebsb)
Fernanda Valoz Pinto(X(Formerly Twitter)/@raniellebsb)

The shocking incident happened in Maceió which is a hotbed for fortune tellers. When Pinto was walking through the city center, she was stopped by an old woman who asked to read her palm.

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The old palm reader predicted that Pinto only had a few days to live. The woman gave Pinto a chocolate as a gift.

Recalling how Pinto died after eating the chocolate, her cousin Bianca Cristina shared the details.

“She[Fernanda Valoz Pinto] vomited, her vision was a bit blurred, her body was soft… it was a matter of hours,” Cristina told Globo1.

“As [the candy] was packaged, it didn’t occur to her [that it could pose any danger]. And as she was hungry, she decided to eat it,” informed Cristina.

After eating the chocolate, Pinto started feeling ill and shared her ordeal with her family through text messages.

“My heart is racing. I’ve thrown up. But I have this taste in my mouth. So bitter. Bad. My vision is blurry. I’m so weak," explained Pinto.

“I leant on the water tank. I almost fell. I almost met God. I don’t know why I’m like this, sis. I’ve been feeling bad all day,” continued Pinto.

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Meanwhile, toxicology reports generated from biosamples from her autopsy revealed high concentrations of pesticides Sulfotep and Terbufos in her body. Investigations are on to ascertain if the chocolate was the source of Pinto's poisoning. Law Enforcement authorities are also trying to find out if the fortune teller was hired to kill Pinto.

“I don’t see anyone having a reason to do this to her, but we don’t know what’s in anyone’s heart. Whether it was someone who ordered her to be killed or if the woman did it because she wanted to, only the police will find out,” said Pinto’s other cousin Lumenita Valoz.

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